We’re Kristine, Ryan and Eliza Jepsen, and our home base is the bluff country of Northeast Iowa.

In 2017, we bought a camper RV and set out to drive the PanAmerican Highway, starting in Baja California. As it turns out, we can’t handle traveling full-time–but we can make homes away from home. In

We’re business owners and parents and have spent years working toward this departure:

• we hired great staff to turn the operational crank back home;
• we started homeschooling, and
• we built up skills that are portable, including freelance and grant writing, commodity trading, business analysis and development, Pilates teaching, and property management.

In general, our goal is to need less and experience more, in hopes of showing our daughter how things work, especially outdoors.

We’re not trustafarians with a giant cushion, nor are we starting out with nothing. We’ve spent 15 years building and managing businesses that make travel possible and allow us to be different birds.

There’s no better time to do more with the one life we get.