The Play-by-Play

It’s come to my attention that this blog and its related media require some explanation:


Casa Verde Hotel & Campground, La Ventana, B.C.S., Mexico

  1. My posts are less ‘where we are’ and more ‘why we’re here’ — things (cosas, en espanol) that keep pecking at my thoughts until I figure out why they’re bugging me and write about them.
  2. Trip pictures are in my Instagram stream/storyboard — see the link in the navigation of the website, if you forget, or view and subscribe here:
  3. Specific notes on places we’ve been — like you’d read in a visitor’s guide — are associated with the points I’ve plotted on our Google Map.

    But, I see that the geographic points are not super accessible when you have to scroll around to isolate and click on them.

So, here’s what I’ll do going forward:

Once a week, I’ll give you the run-down of where we’ve been and what we’re doing — essentially recycling what I’ve plotted on the Google Map.

I’ll continue to post the pics to Instagram (because it’s so dang easy from my phone…) and blast them to other channels that you might prefer (Twitter, FaceBook).

If you have questions or comments, please write us back! I’ll get notified of your comments on posts and pictures right away, for example, or you can reach us at kristinejepsen[at]

Thanks for reading!

Kristine and co.

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