Cutting cords

In preparation for this trip, we’ve had to face how much time we spend focused on our screens: news, texting, email, spreadsheets, movies, e-commerce, travel booking, research, GPS-ing…….iPad WEB.jpeg

Shocking, really. And embarrassing.

We’re been in Cloud-assisted business for years — long before people called it that — for the simple reason that it was cheaper for our startup to adopt the technologies than act like a traditional business, with phone systems (we used Google Voice instead), a fax line (MyFax), and people driving to a central location (hosted QuickBooks company files, mobile banking, etc).

But by untethering from a fixed location, we’re changing our relationship with the Inter-world. No more Amazon Prime. Very little Netflix or Spotify (too data-intensive for our cell phone-based Internet access). No push-and-fetch in the background 27/7.

And frankly, it’s much harder than anticipated.

Stress builds as calls drop due to spotty cell service; business texts and e-mails get delayed. Small glitches become bigger problems than they need to be.

We thought we were ready, but we’re still a few steps removed from ‘going dark,’ as another business owner put it. We were chatting beside his family’s camper in a primitive campground, our kids playing together on the shore. They’d spent a year planning their 6-week disconnectivity and had an envious ease to show for it.

But, we learn as we go. Each business/family/trip is unique; no ideals for simpler living are universal. Here’s to pressing limits.

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